Adaptors, Nuts, Washers and Clips

A selection of popular ignition accessories including 14 to 18mm spark plug adaptor, washers, clips, terminals and spark plug nuts.

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557 - Spark plug terminals HT spade end for 7mm cable - solder connection

From £1.54 (£1.85 inc. VAT @ 20%)

Brass solder type HT plug end terminal, wire passes through centre and is held in place with a spot of solder. For standard 7mm HT lead with copper wire centre.

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762 - Spark plug terminal wire clip

From £1.95 (£2.34 inc. VAT @ 20%)

Wire clip for holding old style brass spade HT terminal on to spark plug.

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764 - HT spark plug knurled nut

From £0.92 (£1.10 inc. VAT @ 20%)

Knurled brass spark plug terminal nut - for most modern plugs. 4BA thread

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452 - Spark plug adaptor - 14mm/18mm

From £5.94 (£7.13 inc. VAT @ 20%)

Allows a 14mm plug to be fitted in to a 18mm plug hole, enabling customers to take advantage of the wider heat range of 14mm plugs. When fitted 1/2" reach spark plugs need to be fitted for...

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714 - 18mm spark plug folded washer

From £0.60 (£0.72 inc. VAT @ 20%)

Folded washer for 18mm spark plug or our adaptor part number 452