Fuel Filler Caps, Necks and Grommets

Fuel filler caps, grommets, necks and neck hose for a wide range of vintage and classic car applications. Polished aluminium and chrome finish Aston, Bonora and Monza fuel caps in a range of sizes. The caps have a threaded base and are supplied with gaskets to allow adjustment of orientation when mating with the various accessories Flexolite supply - chrome, brass and aluminium filler neck adaptors, fuel resistant neck hose and a large selection of rubber filler grommets.

The Aston has a quick release action and was used as a fuel filler cap on many sports cars before dry break systems became compulsory for international racing. The catch has been simplified but we can supply a 3.5” cap with a roller catch for purists. The Monza has a snap action and was used where a neater appearance was more important than split second re-fuelling. The Bonora cap is an elegant, period design used on many pre-War cars including Singers and MGs. PREST1 is a chrome plated die cast cap with lock, as fitted to many post-War sports cars including Triumphs and ACs.