Re-Useable Clutch and Brake fittings

Flexolite supply an extensive range of re-useable brake and clutch line fittings for use with TFE -3 and -4 hose - allowing you to self-assemble high performance hoses. These include straight and angled banjo compression fittings, male and female compression fittings adaptors and bulk head fittings, banjo bolts and bleed nipples, tees and connector blocks, blanking caps and plugs. Compression fittings are a three piece assembly comprising nipple, sleeve and socket. They can be assembled with a vice and suitable spanner. These re-usable fittings may be used up to three times before the sleeve (olive/inner cone) is replaced. Many other sizes and configurations of fitting are available special order - please contact us if you cannot see the fitting that you require. For assistance with part numbering and product descriptions, compression fitting and TFE hose assembly as well as thread identification - please see the information provided in the 'Help and Instructions' section below. Please ensure you have sufficient knowledge, experience and access to necessary information before working on brake and clutch systems. Please also note that you can search these categories by equivalent Goodridge number e.g. 441-03

JIC, BSP, NPTF, Metric - Additional Thread Information

TFE Hose and Assembly

Thread Identification

To help you identify your thread we have produced the table below.

1) Measure the diameter of the Male or Female thread with calipers

2) Check the dimension table below narrow down your likely thread form – dimensions are provided for Metric, BSP, NPTF and UNF (also for the thread section of JIC) threads

3) Determine the pitch or threads per inch - for metric pitch measure between two thread peaks – the number in the pitch/TPI column for metric threads is in mm. For TPI measure the number of threads over e.g. a ¼” - so 4 threads in a ¼” in the example picture = 16 Threads Per Inch (TPI)

4) If you own a thread gauge, check your selection and ensure there are no gaps between the thread and the thread gauge.

Dash Size Thread Guide

Further information on common threads and their identification can be found in Swagelok’s guide:

Part numbering and product description

Product descriptions indicate fitting material as well as any specific detail, e.g. fitting length under the hexagon shoulder, whether a swivel or fixed fitting and seat type. PLEASE TAKE CARE to select the correct seat for your application/to mate with your system components – either CONCAVE or CONVEX (or FLAT for gauge seats) – or you will not achieve a hydraulic seal when you assemble fittings. Convex seats must mate with concave seats and vice versa.

Part numbers indicate connection type and special features – e.g.

Male Threaded Compression Fittings for TFE hose

03-3/8-SXLMP is a -3 compression to 3/8 UNF thread – Straight, conveX, Long, Male, Plated steel 03-M10x1-SXBMSS is a -3 compression to M10x1 metric thread – Straight, conveX, Bulkhead, Male, Stainless Steel

Angled Banjo Compression Fittings for TFE hose

04-7/16-BANEX20P is a -4 compression to 7/16 UNF thread – BANjo, EXtended, 20 degree, Plated steel

Banjo Bolts

3/8UNF-SDBBP is a 3/8 UNF threaded Short Double Banjo Bolt Plated steel

Adaptor Fittings

4JICM-1/8BSP-STR is a -4 JIC thread to 1/8 BSP thread STRaight Male Male adaptor

1/8BSP-M10X1.25V-STR is a -1/8 BSP thread to M10x1.25 thread with ConcaVe face STRaight Male Male adaptor

So please search categories using thread or dash size, angle etc.