Oil Cooling and Filter Relocation

Every engine will have a different oil temperature requirement but as a general rule, temperatures in excess of 110°C should be avoided. Oil as it gets hotter becomes thinner, losing its film strength - this film strength supported by oil pressure is what keeps bearing surfaces from touching, once bearing surfaces touch, metal is removed, clearances widen, oil pressure drops, the contact surfaces are further worn away and engine failure may occur. An increase in oil temperature could be caused by an older engine working harder to keep up with modern traffic, inadequate airflow in stop start conditions or an increase in power output from tuning. Flexolite offer a range of packaged cooler kits for popular classics - that work with our Oil Filter Adaptor Kits, existing filter arrangements of engine specific take off plates. We also offer a wide range of individual components to allow you to configure your own cooling system.

In addition to the installation of cooling systems, our range of components can be used to relocate your vehicles filter assembly - making oil and filter changes easier, as well as enabling the fitting of a cooling system where space around the vehicle’s original filter point may be too constrained. Please browse our full range of components or contact us for further advice.