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Castrol has over 100 years of experience in developing transmission fluids, and is the choice of many leading car and transmission manufacturers for factory-fill products. Castrol offer a complete range of lubricants for early classic vehicle specifications. The range of Classic mineral gear oils includes straight oils, extreme pressure gear oils, automatic transmission fluids and semi-fluid greases. Castrol's classic greases each have their own special applications for early motor vehicles. With Castrol, owners of early vehicles can continue to follow their vehicle manufacturers’ handbook recommendation. For help with your selection please visit <A HREF=""_new">Castrol Classic Oil Finder

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EP90 - Castrol CLASSIC EP90 - 1 Litre

From £13.70 (£16.44 inc. VAT @ 20%)

Castrol CLASSIC EP90

Extreme pressure multi-purpose gear oil
For hypoid and non-hypoid applications

API GL-4 Classic EP 90 is a mineral oil-based gear oil containing anti-oxidant, anti-wear...

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ST90 - Castrol CLASSIC ST90 - 1 Litre

From £12.81 (£15.37 inc. VAT @ 20%)

Castrol CLASSIC ST90 •Monograde SAE90 gear oil •For gearboxes and differentials where a non low EP gear oil specified •For straight cut gears •API GL-3 Classic ST 90 is a gear...

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EP140 - Castrol CLASSIC EP140 - 1 Litre

From £14.77 (£17.72 inc. VAT @ 20%)

Castrol CLASSIC EP140 •Extreme pressure oil •For hypoid and non hypoid applications, and some manual transmissions •API GL-4 Classic EP 140 is a high viscosity, mineral oil based...

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D140 - Castrol CLASSIC D140 - 1 Litre

From £11.70 (£14.04 inc. VAT @ 20%)

Castrol CLASSIC D140 •Monograde ‘straight’ low EP gear oil •For most types of gear including helical, spur, bevel, and worm •API GL-3 Classic D 140 is a high viscosity...

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TQF - Castrol Classic TQF (SAE20) - 1 Litre

From £11.70 (£14.04 inc. VAT @ 20%)

Castrol Classic TQF (SAE20)- Automatic transmission fluid for Classic Vehicles. Specific Non Friction Modified SAE20. Incorporates additives to provide wear, oxidation, and corrosion resistance....