Brake Fluid and Coolant - Castrol 4 Life Coolant - 1 Litre


Castrol 4 Life Coolant - 1 Litre

Castrol 4 Life Coolant Forlife is now predominantly used in classic vehicles and performance cars, where an extra safety margin against overheating is required and a lower running engine temperature is beneficial. With ever increasing congestion on todays roads coupled with the high temperature burn of modern fuels, the requirement to reduce engine temperature is increasingly important for todays classic car owners. Forlife is suitable for all classic cars that require a traditional ethylene-glycol (IAT) coolant. Forlife advanced coolant is a uniquely formulated aqueous solution It provides exceptionally high heat transfer from engine block to coolant. Also Forlife low density/viscosity enables fast circulation throughout the engine cooling system, circulating rapidly via the vehicles water pump, thereby preventing hotspots and potential engine cooling system failure.

Unlike waterless coolant, you can in emergency situations, such as hose failure, add water. You should then later top up with more Forlife for ongoing protection. Forlife noticeably reduces engine running temperature in all conditions, and with a boiling point to a maximum of +180c Forlife provides that extra safety margin that hopefully your classic car will never need. Forlife can help avoid your classic car overheating or running hot. Cooler engine running under pressure in congested traffic. Boiling point to a maximum of +180C. No coolant loss through evaporation

  • Exceptional heat transfer capability. Low density/viscosity for rapid circulation. Anti-foam agent prevents engine hot-spots
  • Protects cast iron, brass and aluminium engine components
  • PH balanced, no acidic impurities or lime scale
  • Long term protection for cars in use or in storage. Eliminates rust, lime scale and acidity
  • Use undiluted unlike water/anti-freeze mixture 10 years of frost protection to -42C. Removes need for annual coolant change.
  • Preserves rubber cooling hoses for longer service
  • Contains a PH colour indicator, Liquid Litmus colour change from Red to Yellow in the event of head gasket failure of combustion seal. Reusable after rectification 4Life reverts to Red

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