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Dual Circuit Remote Servo

Vacuum Brake Booster - transform your brakes to a more modern feel with far more stopping power. Made by a large specialist braking manufacturer, this is the only remote twin circuit (dual circuit) servo that we know of - not an inferior single circuit design.

The servo can be fitted to a vehicle with 4 x drum brakes, or 2 x discs and 2 x drums, or 4 x discs.
The servo unit is designed to give no assistance with very light applications and then progressively add braking power assistance. Servo assistance comes in as the brake line pressure increases, up to a maximum boost ratio of 2:1. Please email or phone for more details regarding this excellent product. We have supplied 100s of these units for a huge range of vehicles. 
Popular with VW Kombi vans, Kit Cars, classic sports cars and all older vehicles needing a boost to hydraulic braking performance.

Images show customer installs to an Alfa Romeo and to a Morgan 4/4

3/8" UNF hose fittings.
We supply a bracket for these, our product DSBRACKET

Fitting Notes:
It is essential that the servo unit is fitted to the body or chassis (i.e. not to the engine) to prevent the brake pipes from being subjected to vibration or flexing.
We recommend using the correct bracket.
Mount at least 6 inches away from exhaust components to prevent fluid vaporisation.
Flush the brake system and renew the fluid to prevent contamination of the brake server with small particles.
Do not cut or flare brake pipes in situ - do so on the bench and clean out any swarf before fitting.
NB - The bleed nipples have ball-bearing seals under them - be careful if removing the screws not to lose the ball-bearings.

Connecting the front brakes to the cylinder next to the vacuum inlet connection is recommended.

Overall length approx 375mm. Canister diameter 139mm.
Brake line inlet & outlet female threads 3/8" UNF (24tpi)
Vacuum inlet 3/8" / 10mm push on hosetail
Weight 3.78kg

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