Servos - AP Lockheed remote brake servo - 1.9:1 Ratio 7" - Made in UK

SKU: LE72696

AP Lockheed remote brake servo - 1.9:1 Ratio 7" - Made in UK

Newly made AP Lockheed remote brake servo. Made in the UK. 3/8"UNF Threads,  Add on kit for single line brake systems. 1.90:1 boost ratio, 7" servo unit, fitted to many cars in the 50's, 60's and 70's.

A great add-on to any classic car for more stopping power as it can be adapted to just about any single line brake system. LE72696 (HRK115, 13H7940A, 17H2646, LR17818) servo including Lockheed fitting kit. Full kit includes, bundy pipe, vacuum hose, BSP adaptor, brackets etc. and 7" servo.

This servo fits:

Ford: Anglia 105E and Super 123E. Capri 1300 and 1600 up to sept '70. Cortina MK1 and MK2 1200, 1300, 1500 and 1600. MK1 Escort 1100 and 1300

Austin: A30, A35, A40 Mk2, MK1/2/3/4 Healey Sprite. Morris 1100, 1300, Mini 850, 1000, Countryman, Clubman, MK1 and MK2 Cooper, Cooper 'S',

Morris Minor 1000 and Morris Oxford, Farina Series V and VI

MG: MGA all models, 1100, Midget MK1/2/3

Triumph: Herald, 1300 Saloon, Toledo Saloon, TR3, TR4 and TR4A. Mk2/3/4 Spitfire. MK1/2/3 GT6 

Hillman - Imp Mk's 1 & 11, Californian, Minx all models, Singer Chamois Mk's 1 & 11, Coupe

Land Rover SWB

Lotus Elan

Morgan Plus 8

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