Oil Cooler and Filter Relocation Systems - Generic Oil Cooler System


Generic Oil Cooler System

If you need help configuring an oil cooling system for your vehicle from our range of parts then please contact us for assistance. A basic cooling system will include: A thermostatic sandwich plate such as TSP1 or HFP1 - if a spin on oil filter is currently being used - OR, if not, a separate in line oilstat such as the ILT2 or ILT3 range, inserted at a suitable point in the hoses. Male/male threaded adaptors (complete with o-ring) from the cooler (special short M22x1.5 fitting) to the 'Push On' hose fittings (either -8 or -10JIC). Male/male threaded adaptors between the sandwich plate/oilstat and the hose - usually M22x1.5, 1/2" BSP or 1/2" NPT to -8 or -10 JIC. Bonded seals for between the adaptors and the sandwich plate/oilstat. 'Push On' hose fittings -8 or-10JIC female to hose tails for 1/2" or 5/8" hose - either straight, 45 deg or 90 deg. Between approximately 2 and 4m of oil hose - 1/2" hose for engines less than 2 litre capacity with short hose runs where flow resistance is not likely to be an issue. 5/8" hose for engines greater than 2 litre capacity or in any installation where there is likely to be a flow restriction. 'P' clips to support the hose. 10 row full width oil cooler for engines below 2 litres, 13 row cooler for above two litre capacity or where 5/8" hose is used. 16 row cooler for high performance applications with 5/8" hose.

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