Gear Oils - Castrol Classic TQF (SAE20) - 1 Litre


Castrol Classic TQF (SAE20) - 1 Litre

Castrol Classic TQF (SAE20)- Automatic transmission fluid for Classic Vehicles. Specific Non Friction Modified SAE20. Incorporates additives to provide wear, oxidation, and corrosion resistance. Can be used where ‘Castrolite’ is specified for primary chain case or gearbox. Can be used for classic motorcycle front forks. Classic TQF is an automatic transmission fluid specially formulated from high quality mineral oils and incorporates various additives to provide wear, oxidation and corrosion resistance. The product is dyed red to distinguish it from crankcase oils should leakage occur. Classic TQF was specically formulated to meet the requirements of the now obsolete Ford automatic transmission fluid (ATF) specification ESW-M2C-33G / -33F as required for many older transmission used in classic vehicles. It may also be used as a general hydraulic fluid or power steering fluid where the Manufacturer specifies the use of an ATF. It should not be used where MERCON® or DEXRON® type fluid required. If you are unsure as to which oil type you require please visit Castrol Classic Oil Finder

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