Cooling Accessories - Self Sealing Fitting - 3/8" BSP


Self Sealing Fitting - 3/8" BSP

This kit comprises a unique self-sealing fitting, machined nut, washer, O ring and cutter (as pictured) - creating a 3/8 BSP female tapping point. Suitable for connection to virtually any silicone, rubber or plastic hose and will even work on semi-rigid plastic and metal. Pressure tested to 4bar. Material - Aluminium. Each kit contains a hole punch, a self sealing insert, a self sealing washer, a threaded nut and O-ring. Engineered to solve the problem of teeing into water and air hoses. This unique design forms a perfect seal and will even work on semi rigid plastic and metal. For fitting in pipe diameters of approx 32mm upwards.

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