Oil Cooler and Filter Relocation Systems - Oil cooler system for Jaguar MkII


Oil cooler system for Jaguar MkII

Oil cooler system for Jaguar MKII. Unless your car is already fitted with an oil filter adaptor kit you will need to order Flexolite kit number FA035 (early) or FA036 (late) - see FA kit descriptions - to enable fitting of this oil cooler system. System includes high quality Setrab 13 row full width cooler complete with male male adaptor fittings, 5/8" Rapide hose with two 90 deg 'push' fittings and two straight 'push' fittings, thermostatic sandwich plate (set to 80 deg C) complete with adaptor fittings, bonded seals and rubber and zinc plated steel 'P' Clips. System EXCLUDES oil cooler mounting brackets - please select from part numbers OCBPair, OCBFW, OCBAL or OCBALBK

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Fitting instructions

Oil Cooler System Fitting Guidance