Oil Filter Adaptor Kit - MGA, MGB to 1967 - 18G, GA, GB engines

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MGA, MGB to 1967 - 18G, GA, GB engines

Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter for Wolseley 1500 / Riley 1.5, MGA and MGBs through 1967 (18G, GA, GB engines) includes adaptor housing, adaptor bolt with 3/4 UNF spigot for oil filter, male to female threaded extension stud, O ring and lock tab washer. Adaptor plate rim dimensions 3.120" OD and 2.890" ID. This kit replaces the canister type oil filter common to the MGA and early MGB. Supplied complete with oil filter FF5, please order additional filters if required.

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MGA and MGB Oil Filter Adaptor Kit