Oil Filter Adaptor Kit - Bedford, Land Rover, Austin, Humber, Ford, Rolls Royce - ZS1

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Bedford, Land Rover, Austin, Humber, Ford, Rolls Royce - ZS1

Long bypass oil filter/cleaner with a disposable modern cartridge which looks externally identical to the original Bedford 1042247 assembly. Canister 200mm tall x 90mm diameter with a 5mm raised jointed flange in the centre. Supplied with oil filter (with relief valve, rubber diaphragm and anti drain valve) though please order additional oil filters (part number FF17) if required. For fitting adaptor kit to 1/4" or 3/16" copper pipe (solder nipple) please order ZR1-CONV-FK. For clamp order ZR1-CONV-C This assembly replaces original filters - AC ZS1, Crossland 472, Fram PS824 & Wix 1T. Applications: Bedford 1938-50 6 cylinder trucks - Manufacturer's reference 1042247 Austin 2 & 5 ton petrol trucks 1940-45 - Manufacturer's reference 3H1113 Humber Snipe 1948 - Manufacturer's reference P55907A Commer Superpoise 6 cyl petrol 1939-51 - Manufacturer's reference K13654 Ford 4/5 ton V8 1945-56 - Manufacturer's reference ET6-18660 Rolls Royce Wraith 1938 - Manufacturer's reference EW1506 Land Rover & Rover - Manufacturer's reference 216322

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Bedford, Austin, Humber, Commer, Ford, Rolls Royce, Land Rover, Rover
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