Oil Filter Adaptor Kit - Vauxhall Cresta to 1972 and Victor FB to 1964

SKU: FA069

Vauxhall Cresta to 1972 and Victor FB to 1964

Spin on oil filter conversion kit for 2.2 and 26 litre engines - includes adaptor plate, extension bolt and spigot bolt (1/2" UNF male into head, 3/4" UNF to filter), two sealing rings, copper washer and oil filter. Adaptor plate rim dimensions - 4.35" OD and 4.175" ID - for reference against filter head outer groove dimensions. Supplied complete with fitting instructions and oil filter FF11 (56mm high) - a smaller filter to deal with space constraints. Please order additional filters as required. WARNING - This kit is only suitable for those Cresta or Victor engines where the original central bolt to the filter head is hollow, allowing oil flow through.

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