Consumables - Drevo/Denso tape - For spring protection

SKU: CA970

Drevo/Denso tape - For spring protection

For `wrap-round' permanent spring protection. This is the only spring wrapping which provides a watertight cover, excludes grit and permanently maintains a thoroughly lubricated rust-free spring system. Drevo does not trap rust-forming moisture; it is a grease retaining watertight cover which protects the metal against all forms of corrosive action. Each roll measures 50mm wide x 10 metre long. Some guide of the quantity required can be taken from the maker's figures, but this will obviously depend on the amount of overlap used when binding the springs. Please note weight of 810gm each roll when ordering to estimate mail costs. For cars up to 10hp possibly 3 rolls, cars over 10hp order 4 rolls.

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