Bulbs - 12 Volt 45/40W BPF DC P36D base Headlamp bulb

SKU: B370

12 Volt 45/40W BPF DC P36D base Headlamp bulb

12V bulb rated at 45/40W, double filament, double contact British Pre-focus P36D base. One transverse and one hooded axial filament with filament shield. The smaller BPF bulb with 29mm diameter tubular glass and 62mm total bulb length. Please see also incandescent bulb option B414/B414B, LED options P36DLED-P43, P36DH43L and Halogen options B414BH and B463H/B463BH. 

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Base Volts Watts/Amps Element Colour Application
BPF DC P36D 12 45/40 Incandescent Clear Headlamp
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