Bulb Holders - Brass Bulb Holder - BA15S, BA15D & BAY15D

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Brass Bulb Holder - BA15S, BA15D & BAY15D

Replacement general purpose bulb holder - accepts 15mm diameter base bulbs. Offered for various bulbs configurations - 1156/SCC/BA15S single contact parallel pin, SBC/BA15D double contact parallel pin, 1157/BAY15D double contact offset pin. Pin reference is to the side locating pins on the bulb cap. Dimensions - overall length including terminals 36mm, bulb holder body 24mm long x 16.6mm diameter, plastic base 3.6mm deep x 20mm diameter at widest point. Often held in place in the bulb holder socket in Lucas reflectors with a clamp clip (our part number 644C) not supplied.

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