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New SVC Catalogue

We are excited to announce the arrival of the latest edition of the legendary SVC catalogue. Full colour and packed with our amazing range of lighting, mirrors, parts and accessories for your classic car or special project. Loads of information and guides to help you select the items you need. Keep one in your workshop or garage.

Pick up a copy at a show, or ask for a copy with your next order from SVC.

View online or Download PDF (25Mb)
We still have a few copies available for free delivery in the UK.

Vintage Supplies Catalogue

We also have copies of the current Vintage Supplies Catalogue (Issue 33)
Fully illustrated catalogue, over 76 pages of products to flick through at your leisure. A very handy addition to your workshop/coffee table! Regrettably, the production costs mean we must charge for these. This can be ordered online:

Click here to order a catalogue.

UK address - £3.50
EU address - £6.00
Other - £8.00

The Amazing 2-in-1 Bulb

Note - some side lamps may have space to fit 2 incandescent bulbs, but the problems here are the amber bulb has to compete with the white bulb, so the amber flash is less distinct, and the increased electrical power draw. This bulb only displays one function at a time and consumes much less power.

What a fantastic solution!

To be a practical and safe vehicle, flashing amber indicators are really a must, especially if you want to drive your vintage car at night.

These newly developed LED bulbs are the perfect solution. You get to keep your classic side-lamp, such as the Lucas 1130 but add an indicator function without having to bolt on an incorrect, non-period accessory. White light for the sidelight position marker, with a super-bright amber indicator function in the same bulb. BA15D bayonet base  (BAY15B base also available - see this guide to see which you need). This LED bulb work with 6vor 12v systems. Part number CSILEDW

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Don't have a double contact bulb holder in your lamp?

Buy part 424 or part 1130BH-DC to replace your old single contact bulb holder. Now you can improve your visibility and safety whilst keeping the correct period lamps.

The classic Lucas type 1130 sidelight - ideal for conversion or available new with double filament type bulb holders 

Bulbholder for 1130 type sidelamp for BA15D bulbs with equal pin length no offset

Bulbholder for 1130 type lamps - for BAY15D bulbs with vertically offset pins

What type of bulb? A simple guide to bayonet bulb pin offset types and naming

Ignition parts for Vintage and Classic Lucas type Distributors

We stock a comprehensive range of ignition components for Lucas-type distributors, with 1000s of mainly British vehicle applications up to 1990. The complete range includes coils - with 6V and 12V, acorn and push-fit, standard and sports options; condensers – a wide selection with premium options from the Distributor Doctor range and exclusive products including recently remanufactured condenser plate, Lucas part number 409613, with many British car applications from 1939 to 1957; contact sets – over 30 types including high-quality sets manufactured in period style with original fibre heels; distributor caps – over 50 sorts, with difficult to find caps and premium options featuring high specification materials and brass inserts; rotor arms – over 30 kinds, with many premium options from the Distributor Doctor as well as newly remanufactured arms including original Lucas part numbers 404923, 403866 and 403865; brushes, bearings, bushes, driving dogs and cap clips – a comprehensive selection of service items necessary to properly rebuild your distributor, many remanufactured to their original specification in the UK.

To help you identify the correct parts for your distributor we have created the most complete ignition product search database available online. The search currently includes information on distributors and vehicle applications up to 1960, though in future will be expanded to include applications up to 1990. In each parts category, you can search by Lucas distributor number (marked on the distributor body), distributor type or vehicle Make, Model & Year, for original applications published by Lucas. When searching for a product e.g. a rotor arm, you will also be presented with the other ignition products used in the application that accompany the rotor arm. On occasion, there may be two options for a component suggested - where the distributor changed over the period of production. Please study the photographs of the parts and the item descriptions to confirm they match the parts you are seeking to replace. While every effort has been made to provide accurate search information, it is important to check all product information. If you require any assistance with your selection then please get in touch. Search Ignition parts

Extended Range of Revotec Fan Controllers and Water Cooling Accessories

In addition to our extensive range of fans and tailor made fan kits for popular classics including selected Jaguars, MGs, Triumphs and Daimlers, we now offer a wider range of cooling system installation accessories such as universal brackets, flush mounts, fan feet, earthing and fitting kits.

We have also added a full range of electronic fan controllers - for 25 to 45mm diameter hose sizes - for POSITIVE EARTH systems, in response to increased demand for upgraded cooling systems for older vehicles. Modern traffic and the hotter engine temperatures associated with running on ethanol containing fuels such as E5 and now E10 often require improved engine cooling.

Our range of positive and negative earth fan controllers, fans, fan accessories and switches allow installation of tailored cooling systems offering adjustable, automatic operation as well as manual override. When wiring positive earth systems it is important to consider the condition of the entire electrical system, as the power output of older dynamo based systems available to drive modern fans will be lower than that from higher output positive earth, alternator powered systems.

AC Mechanical Fuel Pump Repair kits

We now offer a wide range of repair/rebuild kits and components for AC mechanical fuel pumps. The kits have 100s of vintage and classic vehicle applications from the 1930s into the 1970s, where AC offered highly efficient mechanical fuel pumps that were used by the majority of car and light commercial vehicle manufacturers. The list of components in each kit was created from records of the period and components have been remanufactured from materials specified to be compatible with ethanol-containing fuels, including E5 and E10.

To aid the selection of the correct kit to overhaul your fuel pump, we have compiled an application database of over 500 common classic vehicle applications and a full repair kit is available for most applications, though only a diaphragm or selected components in a few instances.

The ‘Help and Instructions’ section at the top of the Repair Kit and Repair Component product categories provides useful advice on dismantling, cleaning, refurbishing and re-assembling mechanical fuel pumps - as well as guidance on fuel pump, connection and engine pad gasket types, to help you identify your fuel pump and select the correct repair kit for your application if it is not listed in the search database.

To search over 500 pre 1970s vehicle applications please visit the product category.

New 6v bulbs for multiple vintage and classic applications

An increased range of bulbs for older vehicles including difficult to find Marchal and 6V bulbs for vintage head and spot lamp applications. New bulbs in stock include:

B75 - 6 volt single contact BA15s 36 watt. Dimensions 35mm wide x 56mm tall with 15mm diameter cap. Used for spot and headlights.
B170 - 6 volt double contact BA15d 35/35 watt double filament bulb. Dimensions 35mm wide x 56mm tall with 15mm diameter cap. Headlight application.
B5812 - Marchal type bulb (reference 7338), 12 volt single contact BA21s three pin base, 45 watt single filament bulb. Dimensions 39mm wide x 58mm tall with 20mm cap. Used for spot and headlights.
B501-6V - Wedge T10 type bulb, 6V **5 Watt** bulb for many applications. An improvement over the 3W T10 6v bulbs more commonly available
B3214 - equal and offset pin (BA15D and BAY15D) versions of small globe (19mm diameter) **18/5 Watt** twin filament bulb. Great for small vintage car and motorcycle lamps.

New range of 52mm gauges complete with sensors


A new range of stylish and affordable 52mm 12 volt instruments for fuel level, oil pressure, water temperature and voltage. The gauges are supplied complete with matching sensor equipment. The gauges have a black face and black powder coated steel rim with a very high quality finish. All gauges are supplied with mounting kit, back light bulb holder and bulb as well as full fitting instructions.

The fuel gauge is supplied with vertical mount fuel sender unit for fuel tanks 5 to 27" deep - stem depth adjustment range 2 5/8" to 13 5/8" and float arm adjustment range 2 11/16" to 17 13/16". The oil pressure and water temperature sensors have an 1/8" NPT thread for oil/water system connection and electrical signal wire terminal for connection to the 0 to 100 PSI and 40 to 120 degrees C marked gauges. The four gauges together provide a smart and cost effective instrument package for your most important level readings.

A huge range of parts for Ford, MG, Triumph, Jaguar and Austin Healey

Flexolite stock a comprehensive range of parts for many classic British vehicles from Ford, MG, Triumph, Jaguar and Austin Healey. We can provide many parts in our range specifically for:

Ford – 8 and 10HP models, 100E and 105E, Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac Mk I, II and III and Cortina Mk1
MG – T Series (TD to TF), MGA (1500, 1588 and 1622cc) MGB and MGB GT, MGC and Midget (948, 1098, 1275 and 1500cc)
Triumph – TR2, TR3, TR4, TR4A, TR5, TR6, TR7, TR8 GT6 MKI-MKIII, Vitesse 1600 and 2.0 MKI and II, T2000/2500 MKII, Stag, Spitfire MKI-IV and 1500, Herald 948, 1200 and 1300, Dolomite 1300, 1500, 1850 and Sprint
Jaguar – 2.4, 2.8. 3.4, 3.8, 4.2 XK engine vehicles, XJ6 3.4 XK, 2.9, 3.2, 3.6, 4.0 AJ 6 cylinder engines and Daimler 250 V8 Dart
Austin Healey – 100/4, 100/6, 3000, Sprite 948, 1098 and 1275

Also for Classic Mini and Morris Minor 803, 948 and 1098. Please get in touch for further details.

Cannister oil cleaner conversions that take replacement spin off oil filters

Flexolite produce aluminium bodied bypass oil filter/cleaners - with a disposable modern spin off cartridge inside - that look externally identical to the original cannister assemblies.

Part number ZS1-CONV is an equivalent to the Bedford 1042247 assembly and replaces original filters AC ZS1, Crossland 472, Fram PS824 and Wix 1T. It has the following applications:

* Bedford 1938-50 6 cylinder trucks - makers cross ref. 1042247
* Austin 2 & 5 ton petrol trucks 1940-45 - makers cross ref. 3H1113
* Humber Snipe 1948 - makers cross ref. P55907A
* Commer Superpoise 6 cyl petrol 1939-51 - makers cross ref. K13654
* Ford 4 & 5 ton V8 1945-56 - makers cross ref. ET6-18660
* Rolls Royce Wraith 1938 - makers cross ref. EW1506
* Land Rover and Rover - makers cross ref. 216322

Part number ZR1-CONV is an equivalent to the ZR1 filter assembly and replaces original filters AC ZR1, Crosland 473, Fram PS5PL, Fram PS5A, Wipac CA453, Wix 5T and WF5. It has the following applications:

* Ford 8hp & 10hp side valve 1932-59 - makers cross ref. E93A-6731-A, E93A-18660-A, 493E-6731
* Vauxhall Velox Wyvern (square engine) 1949-52 - makers cross ref. 1042355
* Bedford JC PC van 10 & 12cwt 1940-51 - makers cross ref. 1042355
* Austin range - makers cross ref. 3H1968
* Rootes range - makers cross ref. C7059
* Massey Ferguson - makers cross ref. 1508998-M91
* Standard - makers cross ref. 44972

Both the ZR1 and ZS1 conversion assemblies are supplied complete with a spin off oil filter. Additional accessories are available for these parts including a clamp and plate ZR1-CONV-C to aid fitting and adaptor fittings for solder connection to copper pipe ZR1-CONV-FK.

Champion & NGK Plugs

We supply an extensive range of over 120 Champion and NGK spark plugs that cover over 2000 vintage and classic vehicle model applications from over 130 vehicle marques. Our application database presents a choice of Champion or NGK plugs where available for your vehicle as well as advising the recommended plug gap for each make of plug. Where direct equivalent products are no longer available for some older plugs and applications, we list the modern equivalent and note whether the available plug may require an 18mm to 14mm thread insert for example. We have also recorded original Champion plug numbers against selected applications and relevant later plug numbers, to aid in the identification of a suitable alternative when part numbers have been superseded. We offer a range of accessories to complement our spark plugs - including caps, adaptors and spare spark plug holders. To search over 2000 pre-1985 vehicle applications please visit the Spark Plug categories.

Alco Oil Filters

Flexolite has partnered with Alco Filters who produce over 3500 different types of filter for cars, commercial vehicles and stationary engines. Alco is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with over 45 years of experience in filter manufacture; supplying filters in over 75 countries worldwide. All Alco’s raw materials are sourced from European suppliers with an emphasis on product quality, performance and value.
Flexolite stocks over 75 types of Alco spin-off and paper oil filters, with 100’s of cross-reference numbers supporting over 2000 vehicle model applications from over 130 vehicle marques. Flexolite’s oil filter range is listed with key dimension information as well as details of diaphragm, anti-drain and relief valve functionality where applicable. If your particular filter application is not covered by Flexolite’s current range, please email with details of your requirement – including any cross reference and key product information and we will investigate the availability of an equivalent filter.
Flexolite continues to identify new oil filter solutions for classic vehicles and has recently re-introduced an equivalent to TJ filter number FP3336 (Fram CH885PL, Ford EOTA-6731-A/EOTA-6744, WIX 77-P, Unipart GFE124, Motorcraft EFL6, Harmo P142, Crosland 426, Cooper GP166, AC FF51) – Flexolite Part Number FF32. This filter was used on the Mk I, II and III Ford Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac as well as other cars using the same range of engines.

To search over 2000 pre-1985 vehicle applications, or by your filter cross reference number, please click here